Governor Says Stay Home, Boss Says Come To Work - Who's Right?

GREENSBORO, NC -- No matter what city, what county you live in - officials are telling you to stay off the roads. The governor has even declared a state of emergency - and told people not to drive. But what happens if you're boss says you have to come? Who has the last word? As it turns out, your employer has the last word.

This is from the department of labor: "Since an employer does not have to have an adverse weather policy at all, the employer can simply inform its employees that they must report to work whenever the business is open, regardless of the weather conditions or road conditions. With very few employment law exceptions, an employer can make staying at work or reporting to work during adverse weather a condition of employment."

Bottom line: if the employer says be there - and you're not - they can fire you - and you cannot claim you were fired unfairly.

Now - what happens if you get into an accident on the way to work? Who is liable? Two Wants to Know asked a lawyer - and the answer is - you could make a case that the employer has some liability if you were to get hurt, but that is you taking your employer to court.


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