Greensboro Has Had Revolving Door Of City Attorneys

GREENSBORO, NC -- The city of Greensboro is once again looking for a new city attorney. And we say again for a reason. Seven people have served as Greensboro's city attorney, or interim city attorney since 2010. Mujeeb Shah-Khan turned in his resignation as city attorney Friday evening.

His resignation came after a week of money and legal issues involving the International Civil Rights Center and Museum. You might remember, last year, Greensboro's City Council voted to give the museum a $1.5 million loan. They agreed the money would come in installments and hinged on several factors including an audit and a sustainability plan. Five months later, the city gave the museum the first installment: a $750,000 check. But we now know, the contract for the money didn't get signed until this month!

Last week, council members held several meetings regarding the museum money. After Friday's emergency meeting, the city announced Shah Khan's resignation. So they're looking for a new city attorney, again.

Take a look at the timeline of city attorneys:

1961 - Dec. 1998 Jesse "Skip" Warren served as city attorney

Dec. 1998- Nov. 2007 -

Linda Miles served as city attorney

Dec. 2007 - Aug. 2010 - Terry Wood served as city attorney

Aug. 2010 - Dec. 2010 - Becky Jo Peterson-Buie served as interim city attorney.

Dec. 2010 - June 2011 - Julia McNeil "Rita" Danish hired as city attorney. Agreed to separate with city six months later.

June 2011 - Aug. 2011- Thomas Carruthers served as interim city attorney

Aug. 2011- Feb. 2012- Thomas Pollard served as interim city attorney

Feb. 2012 - May 2012 - Jamiah Waterman served as interim city attorney

May 2012 - Feb. 2014 - Mujeeb Shah Khan hired as city attorney. Resigned Feb. 21, 2014

Shah Khan told WFMY News 2's Mark Geary he knew what he was getting into! "We went into this with our eyes wide open. I knew about the turnover in the past. I understood that Greensboro had some turnover in the position. But, when you work in municipal law, you understand that politics are part of it. You understand that everything can change every couple of years. So, I went into this eyes wide open. I thought it was the right decision."

Is that kind of turnover normal? We checked with other cities.

Winston-Salem's city attorney Angela Carmon has been on the job for six years. In High Point, city attorney JoAnne Carlyle has been in office since May 2012. But the previous city attorney, Fred Baggett, retired after serving as city attorney for the City of High Point for 16 years.

We also looked at the city attorney terms of office in Durham, Charlotte, and Raleigh. Charlotte's city attorney has only been on the job since January 2012. But he took the role after the previous attorney was there 18 years. Durham's city attorney has had his official title for six years, and Raleigh's city attorney has been in office for 37 years.


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