Grocery Store Secrets Could Save You Up To 50%

2 Wants to Know is all about saving you money. Here are some of the experts' best strategies for shaving cash off your grocery bill:

Block off space in your shopping cart: The more space in your cart, the more you will buy. Consultants did a test. They found if they doubled the size of the cart we'll buy 19 percent more.

Don't buy some cheeses behind the deli counter: Swiss, Cheddar and Monterey Jack - the USDA set standards for these three types of cheese that make them virtually identical. Phil Lempert, grocery industry expert and editor of, says, "There might be some differences from brand to brand - depending on the grass at the cows might eat might be slightly sweeter - but for most of us, you can save 40 to 50 percent buying the cheese in the dairy department and no one will ever know." So buy the cheaper, pre-packaged slices.

The fresh seafood counter may not be your best taste or price: A lot of times you'll see signs with very small print that say "previously frozen." Phil says it's because of the way fish are caught. "Boats go out for a week. Sometimes a lot of the fish is either put on ice or frozen right on the boat. Then it gets to shore, and it's defrosted. Then it goes to the store and it gets back on ice." Phil says the individually wrapped fish filets in the frozen section are the same as the ones behind the seafood counter for about 40 percent less.

Apples are actually more than a year old! Buy fruit that's in season – it's cheaper.

Take earphones with you for your next trip. Many stores play music with a rhythm that's much slower than the average heartbeat. So you spend more time in the store and buy 29 percent more!

Reader's Digest did a great story with even more strategies. Check it out.


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