Guilford Changes To Prevent Another Food Stamp Backlog

GUILFORD, N.C. – Guilford County DSS is making changes to prevent another food stamp backlog and keep cases from getting lost in the system. To understand the changes you have to know the process that got Guilford D-S-S into this mess

Under the old system, all applications come through the Mail Room. Staff would scan it just so they had a digital copy for record keeping purposes. And then they would hand off the paper copy to a food stamp worker. That worker was then responsible for entering the case into the food stamp software. That is where the system broke down. If applications stacked up, the info wasn't put in the computer. And the case didn't exist in the system. It couldn't be processed or even tracked yet.

With the new system: Mailroom staff will again scan in the application. But then the work flow changes. Before the paper version is handed off, mail room staff will go to the computer and enter in at least basic information. So the case now exists immediately and it can be tracked. Then the mail room staff will hand the case off to a supervisor - not directly to a worker anymore.

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"And the supervisors will in turn task it to the workers so they can stay on the workers to make sure those cases are getting processed in a timely fashion," Interim Director Myra Thompson said.

Interim DSS Director: Backlog Will Not Happen Again

Again these policies start now. And the interim director says the department should see positive changes immediately.


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