How a Patriots 2018 Super Bowl Win Could Net Jimmy Garoppolo More Than $150K

This offseason will not feature Jimmy Garoppolo soaking in the confetti after a Patriots Super Bowl win like it did last year. Jimmy G is now with the 49ers, having been dealt midseason by the Pats to San Francisco. But Garoppolo still has reason to celebrate his old teammates making the Super Bowl, because he is going to be upwards of $150,000 richer as a result.

The NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement calls for tiered postseason bonuses and even though he was traded, Garoppolo is set to reap the rewards the Patriots will unlock. 

Here are the bonuses for the 2017 NFL season:

Round                                                         2017 bonus

Wild Card (Div. Winner)                              $28,000

Wild Card (WC)                                          $26,000

Divisional Round                                        $28,000

Conference Championship                         $51,000

Super Bowl Loser                                       $56,000

Super Bowl Winner                                     $102,000

Unfortunately for Jimmy, he can't get paid for the first two rounds. CBS Sports analyst Joel Corry reports that the Pats won't be paid for the Wild Card Round (they didn't play!) and the Divisional Round games are not subject to a vote. Garoppolo does not qualify under the CBA qualifications for those rounds:

"A player who is on the Active List, Inactive List, or Injured Reserve List of a Club at the time of the game in question will be paid the full amount designated in Section 2 above for that game."

Garoppolo does meet the requirements for the full amount paid out for the Conference Championships and Super Bowl - he is due the full amount by virtue of the CBA:

"A player who at the time of the game in question is not on the Active List or Inactive List of a Club participating in the game but was on the Active or Inactive List for eight or more games (i.e., regular or postseason) will receive the full amount designated in Section 2 for such game provided he is not under contract to another Club in the same Conference at the time of the game in question."

By virtue of being traded to the NFC, Garoppolo is guaranteed to get playoff checks for the Patriots' last two games.

A Patriots would win mean Garoppolo gets, at absolute bare minimum, $153,000 in playoff checks. A Patriots loss would mean Garoppolo gets, at absolute bare minimum, $107,000 in playoff checks. Add in another $56,000 if he's voted to get a playoff share from the Patriots and Jimmy G could be staring at $209,000 for his old team running the table in the postseason. 

Not a bad reward for a guy who's been busy becoming the savior for another franchise and largely being targeted as a reason for "tensions" existing in the Patriots front office.

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