How Over The Counter Drugs Work Against Sunscreen

GREENSBORO, NC -- Certain drugs can cause you to be more sensitive to the sun allowing you to burn more easily or get a rash. Consumer Reports lists over the counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen and Naproxen, certain antibiotics and antifungals, diuretics for high blood pressure and Amitriptyline which is used for depression or migraines.

But there's more danger than a potential sunburn. Some medicines, even over the counter medicines can make you less thirsty or cause you to go to the bathroom more. Either one increases your risk of dehydration. A good rule, ask a pharmacist anytime you're taking something and will be out in the sun for a while.

What do you do with your sunscreen after it expires?

We are the first ones to tell you "Don't use expired sunscreen!" But we also are the ones to look for a plan B. Instead of throwing out unused expired sunscreen, use it in place of shaving cream. Real Simple magazine reports expired sunscreen can protect you from razor burn.

Health Experts say sunscreen is designed to remain at original strength for up to 3 years. Keeping sunscreen in a hot car will make the chemicals break down faster.


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