How Safe Are ATMs From Skimming?

How Safe Are ATM's From Skimming?

If your debit card still doesn't have a chip -- it's probably time to get one.

According to FICO Card Alert Service, ATM robberies are happening through skimming more and more!

Skimmers are those small devices that can be attached to the card readers of ATMs. It'll steal data from your card when you insert it into the machine.

There's regulations requiring ATMs to switch from the magnetic strip cards to chip cards. ATM transactions using MasterCard’s go into effect October 1st, 2016. For visa cards, the deadline is next October.

However, these regulations are not laws! These are rules of banks and companies that process card payments that shift liability for fraudulent use to companies not switching over to chip card technology before the deadlines.

So how can you protect yourself? Always check to see if the ATM has been tampered with - and keep a close eye on your bank account. If something's not right, report it to your bank immediately.

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