How To Watch March Madness At Work, Home & Without Cable

GREENSBORO, NC -- March Madness, yes of course there is an app for that. And to really enjoy it, you might need the Zagg Privacy Screen. Especially if you need to sneak to watch the games at work! (Don't worry, I won't tell your boss)

The Zagg Privacy Screen is about $10. It's a clear shield for your phone. When you look at the phone head on, you can see game. But if your boss comes by and sees the phone or tablet at an any other angle-- the boss can't see the picture.

Chris Neyenhouse from Best Buy revealed the screen to us while showing how to use the NCAA March Madness App to watch our favorite games while we're away from the TV or allow you to watch one game on the TV while you're watching another on your phone or tablet.

For cable customers: download the March Madness app and the app for your cable provider. Get a remote login from your cable provider. Once you have the login information, go to the March Madness app, it will ask you for your provider info and you can watch all the games live on your phone.

For those without cable: the March Madness app will give you 3-free hours to watch. That should be enough time to watch one game. But you don't want to use up all of your preview if you intend to use it to watch your favorite team later. You need to budget that time.

FYI: 2WTK tried to hook up the iphone to our big board with an HDMI cable to make the March Madness app life size. It doesn't appear that Airplay is going to allow that to happen. So if you were planning on doing this to watch on a big screen, it may not function.

Want to watch the games on multi-platforms? Best Buy has ideas.


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