Is 2015 The Year Your Home Gets Hacked?

UNDATED -- Will 2015 be known as the year your house got hacked? Yes, you read this right; your home, hacked!

First, it was your computer then it was your credit card accounts. And now it is the appliance you got over the holidays.

USA TODAY recently did a story about how internet controls are being built into millions of appliances.

Check out the video attached of a refrigerator with a built in camera. It takes a shot of what's inside your fridge and you can pull up the picture on your tablet or phone. a fridge with a built in camera is expected to be available in the U.S. this year. It's pretty cool-- but this remote access is just another point of entry for hackers.

This isn't the first time 2WTK has raised this issue. We interviewed a tech and security writer by skype about high tech appliances in February.

"There is no anti-virus for refrigerators being sold, " says Joseph Steinberg. "There may be, but there isn't now. However fridges don't get attacked when you put your milk in, they get attacked when you have networks that are vulnerable or computers that hackers have breached that are on the same network as the fridge."

If you use the fridge, remote controlled lights or thermostat, they're all connected to your main computer. That means your passwords... your accounts.... you get it.

Steinberg suggests making sure to keep security on your home network up to par. Do the updates on your security software or invest in better software. Also, don't download illegal copies of movies or games and don't plug in that free USB drive that company gave you for trying out their product.

One last tidbit to pass along-- our tech experts say very often your smart device-- whether it's a phone, a computer, a coffee maker or printer --doesn't work right.

Before you call tech support or get super frustrated, turn the device off and un-plug it.

Very often this resets the device and works the bugs out. And yes-- tech support will ask you if you have done that simple fix.


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