Is The Portion Size On The Bag Or Box REALLY What You Should Be Eating?

GREENSBORO, NC -- It's the battle of portion size versus serving size. Geissler Baker from the NC Cooperative Extension Office puts it into perspective for us.

There is a difference between the two. If you give a kid 17 mini pretzels because that is the serving size, the kid may think you're being skimpy on their snack.

Geissler says, "A serving is standardized. A portion is the amount we serve ourselves."

"The secret to portion control is in the power of the hand. A closed fist is one cup, the palm of the hand or a deck of cards is 3 ounces, a tennis ball is 1 cup , thumb tip is 1 ounce. A CD Is a pancake serving."

You need to watch the video to really put it in perspective. The amount of trail mix she put in my hand is considered a serving. Most of us would chomp it in one bite.

"We should eat most of our portions earlier in the day. That way we can burn off those calories. A light snack 30 minutes before a workout is OK. Bedtime snacks are probably not necessary."


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