It's Time For A Light Bulb Moment! Making Sense Of CFL's And LED's

GREESNBORO, NC -- Are you like me, you stand in front of the wall of CFL bulbs and struggle to figure out which light bulb to buy? 2WTK had a light bulb moment when we found a "try it before you buy it" page on ENERGY-STAR.

This interactive page puts you in a living room with different lighting sources. At the top are light switches which help you see if you need to pick a CFL with a soft light, a bright light or a daylight temperature.

Watch as we take you through the living room and use a stand light and a side table light to illuminate the room.For each one you see the temperature of the light: warm, neutral or cool.

But it's not just the color of the light, it's the shape of the light. The floor lamp works best with spiral, tube and candle lights. But a pendant lamp should have an a-shape or globe bulb. You can use the spiral, but the a-shape and spiral look like the bulb you and I grew up with.

Of course, CFL bulbs aren't your only choice. You can now get an LED bulb for between $10 and $20.

LED bulbs are estimated to last 50,000 hours.That's 50 times longer than the old incandescent lights and eight to 10 times longer than a CFL.


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