Kids Want To Know: Does Blood Turn Blue In Space?

GREENSBORO, NC -- As adults, we're smarter than the average kid. But do you know what color your blood would be in space, with no oxygen?

"My name is Brooke and my question is: Will blood stay blue is space? It turns red on Earth because there is air, but there is no air on the moon or space?!?"

While we're finding out about the color, did you know that in one day your blood travels 12,000 miles?That's right, that's 4x across the U.S. everyday.

Phyllis Weatherly-Rosner from SciWorks in Winston-Salem answers the question.

"The blood in your body is red, it's always red it's not blue. It looks blue because of you seeing it through the veins and through the skin. But as soon as the blood is out of the body you see it's not blue it is red. Now it is not turning red once it gets out of the body because it is exposed to oxygen. It's not blue in our bodies and it's also not going to be blue is space. If you were to cut yourself in space the blood because it is a parcel vacuum it would kind of bubble, blob, blob, blob, and evaporate like the gases would come out of the blood."

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