Kids Want To Know: How and Why Does The Earth Spin?

GREENSBORO, NC-- The earth is round. Although the earth is not perfectly round, it is slightly flattened at the north and south poles.What else is there about the earth that you think you think you know?

Nehamiah sent 2 Wants To Know his or her Kids Want To Know question: "How and why does the earth spin?"

It all comes down to one force.

Gravity really determines why and how the earth spins. If you have ever seen a picture of a hurricane they spin as the air is drawn into the center. It basically has to do with gravity drawing it all in.

Roger Joyner, an OmniSphere Curator at the Greensboro Science Center helped answer us get some more information.

"First of all there are two different kind of spinning in a sense. If this was the earth it spins this way like night and day that's call rotation and it also goes around the run that's called revolution and there both controlled by gravity," said Joyner.

He explained how our solar system started out as a giant cloud that started to contract because of gravity like going down a drain.

"Well as it did, molecules bumped into one another, and that caused them to start spinning," explained Joyner

The main part that was created by the molecules bumping together became the sun. But, also little parts started spinning on their own and those became the planets, and one of them was Earth,

"Almost everything out there in the universe spins, it all has to do with gravity pulling things together. " said Joyner. And as those thing are getting pulled together, the traction causes them to naturally spin because of how the molecules bump together. And that is all there is too it!


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