Kids Want To Know: How Fireworks Work

GREENSBORO, NC -- Our Kid Want To Know question is "How do fireworks work?"

To get the answer, we went to the Greensboro Grasshoppers. Fans are treated to a fireworks show every Friday and Saturday night at home games. Jake Holloway is the head grounds keeper and the fireworks technician for the "Home Run Salutes."

"Fireworks are often referred to as pyrotechnics. They are something people love to see. It's actually a controlled explosion."

Jake showed off the "cakes" in the home run salute fireworks display. Every time a Grasshopper player makes a home run, fireworks go off.

"These are ignited from the press box. Each one of these squibs is attached to an affect. On this end you have two bare wires and over here is an actual igniter, much like you would use for a model rocket. So once you touch these two wires to any power source on this side you'll get a pop and a flame."

Check out the video to see where the squib goes into the firework box. Each box has a "cake". "Once the squib gets inside the cake, the fuse inside here it will expel the effect into the air and once it gets into the air at a certain altitude, the fuse runs out and it fires making a nice large bombet is what we call it."


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