Kitchen Solutions: Budgeting Space

It's budget week on 2 Wants To Know and today's topic: budgeting your kitchen space.

One way you can get more out of your cabinets, or pantry space (without remodeling) is by using particle board inserts to separate your cutting boards, dishes, etc. You can also use dowels.

Both are inexpensive to do, but what if you're not handy? A cheap solution can be found in the office aisle for less than $10: a file folder rack.

Another kitchen solution can help you save money on a lunchbox necessity: an ice pack. Sometimes the stuff on the inside comes out and you don't want those chemicals on your food, or in your lunchbox. says you can make your own by soaking a cheap sponge in water, put them in a zippy bag and freeze it. The ice pack can be used multiple times.


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