Kitchen Uniform: Do's & Don'ts

You know restaurant chefs are supposed to wear certain garments in the kitchen, like their hat and their apron. But there is one place they should never be worn: the bathroom.

GTCC culinary instructor Keith Gardner explains where those pieces of the uniform should be stored.

"In a bathroom, you have people going to the bathroom and really, no uniforms or anything should go in there," said Gardner. "For instance, if I'm leaving the kitchen to go to the restroom, I should remove my apron prior to leaving the kitchen so I'm not taking an apron even into the bathroom."

Gardner said there are all kinds of obvious reasons that linens and parts of the uniforms should be stored in a bathroom.

"You have people using the restroom. There could be spray from the urinal, or whatever getting on people, their uniforms, Gardner said. "And if they touch their uniform and touch food, obviously you have that cross contamination from the restroom going to the food via the uniform."

Usually the restaurant's have a linen closet.

"We have a place in the front of our dining room where we store all of our clean linens for the table clothes and things like that so you can put them in there," said Gardner." If a facility does the uniforms for the employees, they can give them their uniform and let them hang it in a clean locker away from the actual urinals and toilets and things like that."

Restaurants lose one point if they wear their apron, or cooking uniforms in the bathroom.


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