Lawn Tips From The Golf Pros

GREENSBORO, NC -- When you watch the Wyndham coverage on tv this weekend, you'll notice the how lush the course looks. 2 Wants to Know what it takes to make the course look so good and what the rest of us can learn from the grass pros.

The game of golf is quiet game sort of. The course looks serene...but that takes a lot of serious work. Just ask the crew. Adam Brewer, 1st assistant superintendent at Sedgefield, says, "We might come in one morning and cut the greens and then look at them after lunch and say, 'Alright boys, let's do it again.'"

To say there's a lot of mowing going on wouldn't do this crew justice. The greens are mowed every day. The fairways two to three times a week. The surround areas two to three times a week and the tees...twice a week, even in the rain. Adam says, "During the tournament, everything will get cut at least once expect for the rough, every single day."

To get the job done, it it takes every tool including your run of the mill mower which brings us to your run of the mill lawn. Adam says, "For the homeowner with a tall fescue lawn, not scalping it down, keeping the height to cut up is very important especially during the summer."

Just like the game, keeping the course and your lawn looking good takes practice. And maybe even some sensitivity training. Adam says, "I look at grass every single day, so I can tell and look at something and tell it's not happy. And there is a lot of different reason why there is one grass that is happy or unhappy."

Adam says lawns are often unhappy because we choose the wrong kind of turf to grow in the area we're trying to cover. He says some grass likes shade, others die in it. So make sure you're picking the grass or plants that are right for your surroundings.


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