Milk Does A Body & Your Dry Skin Good

GREENSBORO, NC -- With this being health week on 2WTK we couldn't ignore the health of your body's biggest organ

...your skin! Normally when you think of an organ you think heart, lungs, liver. An organ is defined as a group of cells working together to perform a specific function in an organism. Skin qualifies. It protects you from the sun and regulates body temperature-- among many other things.

And right about now your skin is dry and chapped thanks to the winter. Women's Health Magazine suggests washing your face with milk two to three times a week. Yep-- right from the carton in your fridge.

Put three ounces of milk into a cup and use a soft washcloth to massage it into your skin. The lactic acid in milk acts as a mild cleanser and the fat is extra moisturizing. A quick tip, take your eye make-up off first , milk won't do it!


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