Multi-Car Crashes Have Multi-Layers Of Liability

GREENSBORO, NC-- Multi-car crashes are multi-layered when it comes to who is at fault and whose insurance pays and for what.

2WTK asked insurance experts at Senn Dunn to help us make sense of the insurance and liability in accidents.

Scenario One. You're driving along, the car in front of you has bald tires. They spin out and you end up hitting them. Who's at fault? The guy with the bald tires who lost control of his vehicle? Or you? Insurance agents say it's you! You're at fault for not leaving enough room or not taking evasive action to avoid the impact.

Scenario Two. if you're sitting in traffic, stopped. A car comes and hits you and you hit the car in front of you. Who is at fault? The car who hit you is at fault. But that's only if you're stopped. Because if you're driving and this happened you could still be sited for following another car too close.

Police told us, very often in mutli-car pile-ups there's a lot of gray area when it comes to who is at fault.

"The situation where you have multiple vehicles involved it's going to be very hard to determine that, exactly who set the crash in motion. It will have to depend a lot of times on independent witnesses to help us and aid in the investigation," says Greensboro Police Officer JB Price.

And sometimes its up to the insurance companies to battle it out. The more information you have, the better. The insurance expert from Senn Dunn recommend once you know everyone is okay, get your phone out. Take pictures of the damage, the layout of the cars and license plates in case you need to track a driver or a witness down.


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