NC Skeleton Session Per Diem Breakdown

Lawmakers are in what they call "skeleton sessions." Not all the members are actually in the session, but state senators and representatives come in convene the session, talk but don't vote and then adjourn for the day. This is costing taxpayers $50,000 a day. Not only that but taxpayers are also paying for each lawmaker to get per diem for meals and lodging. That translates to $104 a day.

Just the cost of traveling to the capitol once a week in mileage is $0.29 a mile. Even if they don't show up for the session! Lawmakers are entitled to it anytime the general assembly is in session.

However, lawmakers have been asked to waive or give up their per diem for this skeleton session. There are 170 members with 120 in the House and 50 in the Senate but only 28 members have given up their per diem. Those 28 members are all House members. That means 142 members are getting it and taxpayers are footing the bill of $14,768 in per diem.

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