NCAA Expands Targeting Hit Rule This Season

A nasty hit during the Notre Dame -Texas game this past weekend put the focus on a new NCAA rule which allows instant replay officials to review tackles that could fall under the targeting rule.

Starting this season, the instant replay official has the power to stop game play and make a ruling on a targeting call. Replay officials are already required to review ALL targeting fouls made by a ref on the field.

The hit that put Torii Hunter Jr. out of the game was not reviewed, and the defender continued to play.

Notre Dame Coach Brian Kelly told reporters he sent that clip to the ACC, which provided on-field officials for the game. The ACC confirmed the hit on Hunter likely should have been a targeting call. The replay official was from the Big 12, so the ACC will discuss with them why a replay didn't happen. 

The NCAA tells us conferences have the power to penalize players - in this case, the Texas defender - by using policies already in place. Still no word if the Texas player will face any consequences.

2 wants to know did some digging to find out how often targeting fouls are called. Just last season, there were 158 target penalties called in FBS games. Replay officials overturned 43 of them. The other 115 were upheld.

The penalty for a targeting hit is two-fold. It's 15 yards, and the player is ejected from the game. If the ejection happens in the first half, he's out the remainder of that game. A second half ejection means the player misses the rest of the game he's in, plus the first half of the next game.







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