New Years Resolutions... In July? Get Organized

GREENSBORO, NC -- I know the calendar says July, but we talked to an organizing expert who says you should think of this time of year as January.

Sure, celebrate again if you want, but it's also time to make resolutions. We talked to Lorie Marrero, the creator of The Clutter Diet, by Skype. She says the end of summer vacation season means the start of something new,

"People always have the things they want to change and do better. They want to pack lunches every day, or they want to get up earlier. I want to suggest to your viewers that they need to start thinking what their resolutions are, and how they want to make these changes."

Lorie gave us the ABC's of making changes.

A- Assess what you have.

B- Buy only what you need.

C- Create new routines

When it comes to assessing what you have, Lorie suggests before you go back to school shopping, or back to work shopping-- try on the clothes you have. Make a pile to give away and a pile to keep. That will help you make a list of what you need to buy.

When you buy, don't get sidetracked by the sales, especially if you're buying school supplies. Most schools have a specific list; stick to it.

And lastly creating new routines doesn't just happen. Lorie says you have plan for it, and even rehearse it.

"So think about daily routines and weekly routines. With a daily routine you want to do a morning, afternoon, and evening routine and work through that with your child, and think through it," said Lorie.

So when thinking about daily routines Lorie suggests you plan how to get everyone out the door, and to make an afternoon routine or family rules about what happens when kids come home from school, how to make sure homework is done and bedtime happens when it is supposed to.

As for weekly routine she suggest planning on Sunday for the entire week. Take 15 minutes to sit down with calendars and compare who and when and where has to be picked up. Even include chores, errands and meal planning to the calendar.


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