Piedmont Parent: It's Not If But When The Kid Meltdown Happens

GREENSBORO, NC -- It's a holiday weekend; just in time for a kid meltdown and parents to come unglued!

Judy Caldwell-Midero of Piedmont Parent magazine says it's not if but when it happens. "It seems every family has dealt with it and usually its in a public place!"

Piedmont Parent Magazine did an article on Oppositional Behavior. This is more than a bad mood, it is when your child is displaying an intentional act of resistance or antagonism.

First, Judy says, go down the list and make sure the child is physically ok. Then try to access if there is something that is bothering them. If it's just plain disobedience, she says be ready to have an exit strategy.

"Sometimes it is not convenient, but the only way to deal with oppositional behavior is to meet it head on. Especially if it is in a public place. We have left a full grocery cart in the middle of an aisle and gone to the car."

So often, we try to get through whatever task is at hand and do the teeth clenched, "you better behave" thing. Judy says, this just shows the child they have power. She says remember that exit strategy.

And just as important as dealing with the behavior right on, Judy says it is important to praise your child when they do make good choices.


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