Poor EPA Oversight Cost Thousands Of Dollars

You keep an eye on your accounts, and know how your money is being spent. But a new report reveals the Environmental Protection Agency didn't watch its accounts closely enough. The U.S. Inspector General's Office said a lack of oversight led to thousands of misspent dollars!

EPA employees used their government issued purchase cards to make improper purchases. The goal of purchase cards is to give government employees a low cost way to get services directly from vendors. But they checked a sample of the records. 75 of the 80 purchase samples they reviewed were not in compliance with EPA policies. Those 75 cases, amounted to $79,254 of bad purchases.

What did they buy? Meals for an awards recognition ceremony, gym memberships for EPA employees and their families, even gift cards.

The Inspector General's office said the problems boiled down to poor oversight. People assigned to approve purchases either didn't approve them, or didn't know the rules and approved improper purchases. The EPA already says they've started taking corrective action to fix the oversight problem.

Want to see the numbers for yourself? Click here to read the report.


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