Postal Inspectors: Beware Of Ebay Scheme

CHARLOTTE, NC -- Usually internet schemes are easy to pick out, but here is one internet scheme that would have been easy to fall for. It unfolded on eBay and victims lost a total of hundred of thousands of dollars.

Berry Younce used the username "SQ20" to post advertisements on eBay saying he had computers for sale. U.S. Postal Inspector Christopher Davis said, "This was quite a big scam throughout the whole country, where Mr. Younce is basically selling the computers on the Internet, but not really having the product."

Davis explained Younce posted computers, but people kept underbidding the cost to buy them. "Therefore, if he was not having the computer people were bidding on he would have to go buy it at a larger cost."

Eventually, postal inspectors received several complaints about orders not being fulfilled through eBay.

"We got seized computers, various documents, lulling letters from victims who are saying "where is my computer, where is my computer Mr Younce" said Davis.

Inspectors say more than 250 orders went unfilled and losses were more than $200,000. Davis offered some advice to avoid this happening to you, "Do more research on your seller on ebay. You can contact ebay [customer support] and they'll give you feed back and you get more info on the seller."


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