Power Bill Low? Maybe It's Too Low!

When The Meter Is Wrong & So Is Your Bill

"If I'm hardly using my electricity now, and it's almost $200, what will it be like in December and January?" Michelle couldn't believe her power bill.  The month before it was $42 and her latest bill was more than $180.

Michelle blamed it on the new meter the company put in. She went back and forth with the company---but they wouldn't budge until our CBS news partners in Denver called on her behalf.

"The radio signal quit transmitting a signal and that happens," explained the power company spokesperson. She's right, it does happen.  Whether it's a new or an old meter, machines don't always work like they should.

In Michelle's case, the meter issue was not in her favor. But sometimes, the meter issue brings you a cheaper than normal bill. Sounds good, right? Until the company figures it out and bills you all at once. And yes, yes they can.

This is what Duke Energy says about faulty meters and billing--

"Customers with slow or stopped meters can continue to power their homes without being charged for the power actually used. The North Carolina Utility Commission has rules that allow back billing under these circumstances."

So, if your power bill is normally $100 and you start getting bills for $15 it's not because you've been really good at shutting off all the lights when you leave a room!

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