Price Increase for Unlimited Cell Phone Data Plans

Cost Hike For Unlimited Data Plans

If you are grandfathered in to an unlimited data plan, you may soon have to pay more each month if you want to keep the service. AT&T has announced plans to begin charging an additional $5 monthly fee for customers who signed up for the cell phone providers unlimited data plan.

The move by the cell phone carrier is an attempt to encourage long time customers to switch over to one of the newer plans that offer data usage caps. Even if you have an unlimited plan you still may not be experiencing super fast data speeds. Most cell phone carriers slow down your data speeds are you have hit a certain data threshold for the month. The customer does not pay additional costs for overages but experiences lower quality data.

For instance, streaming a Netflix movie on your phone may be in a quality similar to older DVD quality versus the HD like quality 4G LTE speeds can deliver. 

AT&T does state that customers who currently don't have an unlimited data plan but want it can become eligible by signing up for a DirecTV or AT&T UVerse television plan. 


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