Ready Made Meals: How To Love The Leftovers

GREENSBORO, NC -- 2WTK is all about finding ways to stretch your food dollar without giving up taste!

Private chef Nikki Miller-Ka does a segment with the City of Winston-Salem where she buys $20 of food from the farmer's market. and whips up great stuff. We asked her to take on a different challenge: make new meals out of the leftovers from a ready made grocery store bought meal. What she had to work with included the leftovers of a rotisserie chicken and two sides

"I'm very much dislike leftovers so I have to transform them into something else. This is so I can forget what I had previously."

We have leftover rot chicken with broccoli salad and potato salad. "You can transform this into something absolutely fabulous with a few pantry items. Her answer?

"I made chicken enchiladas. You can see it here, chopped chicken,the newly seasoned potato salad, broccoli and mix in some cheese. You just roll it up and put it seem side down in the pan, pour taco sauce over it, a little more cheese and you forget it was a whole chicken the night before!"

Meal option #2: chicken meatballs. "Use Italian seasoning, a little cheese, you can put it in oil or you can bake it and brown it on all sides. .Put it over your pasta of choice. I love couscous and add tomato sauce. Everybody goes to the grocery store to get the meal deal and you're going to have leftovers and you can transform it into something else, you need to love your leftovers!"


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