Restaurant Report Card Lesson: No Jewelry!

GREENSBORO, NC -- The only time you think about your appearance when you're cooking is when you are wearing something you don't want to get dirty. But what you wear jewelry wise can impact your food.

Keith Gardiner, GTCC Culinary Instructors says, "If you have a smooth wedding band it's not going to get food in it and things like that. But, even if you have a watch on your arm, food could come in contact with that and it's not going to get clean. So the potential to get food caught in there an particles and what's going to happen is the bacteria is going to grow on the watch and then the potential for that coming in contact with other food is where the problem is."

If you do wear a watch you actually need to get it up out of the way away from your hands so it's not going to come in contact with food. "The problem other than cross contamination is that piece of jewelry actually falling into the food. So if part of the watch were to break off and go in the food or if a stone from the ring were to come off and go in the food or an earring then it becomes a physical hazard and someone can actually choke on it."


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