Ride Sharing Services - Read This Before You Call For The Car

GREENSBORO, NC -- The ride-sharing services UberX and Lyft use every day people driving their every day cars to give you a ride.

It's convenient. You download an app on your phone or tablet. You call for the car from there. Follow it on the app. Pay from the app - no tipping.

It's extra money for alot people. People like Don Zubrick. He's an IT professional by day in Tampa, Florida. An UberX driver by night. "Make a little extra money doing what I enjoy doing which is driving."

But taxi commissions in many cities say the drivers and cars are potentially unsafe. They don't follow many of the same rules as taxis and car services. The drivers don't the same new hire training or annual background and license checks.

Both companies say they won't hire drivers with convictions for violent crimes, sex offenses or DUIs.

Both companies require drivers to have a driver's license and car insurance. But police caught nine UberX drivers without proof of insurance in a recent sting at the San Francisco's airport.

Traveler Lynn Johnson's not scared off. He used Uber's town car service on a recent trip. And he said he'd use UberX ride-sharing this trip. "I thought it was great. They come to right where you are. Pick you right up. You can see right where they are. If they have any problems finding you, they can call you."

Uber's town car service is much more regulated, like taxi service, in some places. If you're interested in trying these ride-sharing programs, do your homework in advance. Some states like Virginia have issued cease and desist orders while they sort how UberX and Lyft will be regulated. Other places like New York now, you can actually hail a taxi cab on the Uber app!


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