Saving $$ On Phone Chargers Without Sacrificing Safety

GREENSBORO, NC -- 2WTK wants to save you money on anything and everything. But cheap doesn't always mean safe. So we asked tech expert Kent Meeker to talk to us about off brand phone chargers and when you can tell if a cheaper charger will do the job safely.

There is a big disparity in phone charger prices. For instance, on the Apple site, you see a power adapter for $19.00 but you can find an adapter and a cord on an off brand site for just $3.99.

So what gives? Do you really need to spend the money to get the manufacturer's charger? Kent says buying any no-name brand charger is like buying an aftermarket battery for your car. It may work, but there is a risk.

"You spent $500-600 on your phone and you are going to sacrifice the phone for $20 or $30 extra dollars because you want to save a few dollars and save it on a cheap charger. It's really not worth it at the end of the day."

With that said, Kent and his tech buddies do buy chargers and other tech gear from a company called : Monoprice. Kent says the devices by Monoprice are made to manufacturer specifications and won't burn up your phone.

2WTK checked the prices and the same iphone charger with cord and adapter is $8.22.


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