Smell THAT? It's Your Water Bottle! How To Clean It & The Best Ways To Track Water Intake

GREENSBORO, NC -- It's health week on 2WTK and anytime we interview a health expert he conversation turns to water. There's a good reason-- you can survive without food longer than you can without water. Water is part of every body function and it is a weight loss aid.

The Food and Nutrition Board recommend women get 91 ounces per day and men should get 125 ounces.This is key: should come from all sources a mix of water other beverages and foods with a high water content.

With everything else going on at work and in life water is probably not your top priority. But there's an app for that. Several actually. recommends "Tracker Savvy Water Widget". It's free for android devices .It reminds you how much you have to drink to reach your goal.

You can even schedule audible reminders to fill up that water bottle.

iPhone has one too. "Waterlogged" hooks up with your Fitbit if you have one and again tracks your intake.

Apps like that don't work for all of us. Sometimes we need a low-tech visual reminder. A friend of 2WTK let us in on their reminder--rubber bands. Every time you drink the glass down you take off a rubber band.

Now to the question, How often do you clean that water bottle of yours? Most of us don't just use a bottle once. We fill it up, it's cheaper and easier.

But is it cleaner? Only if you wash it and most of us don't do it often enough.

Like any wet surface, bacteria can grow . FitSugar recommends a washing every night--- but at least every few days. Dish soap is a given, but sometimes doesn't wash out well. So Fitsugar recommends white vinegar to 1/5 of the bottle and then fill the rest with water and let it sit overnight.


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