Snow + Valentine's Day = Flower Delivery Delays

BURLINGTON, NC -- Panic mode. That about describes the mental state of every florist in the Southeast and up the East Coast. With the snow storm interrupting Valentine's Day deliveries, florists are wondering why Cupid is shooting an arrow right through their business.

At Roxie's Florist in Burlington sits a tractor trailer full of flowers that may or may not be able to get out their 220 delivery spots. Some arrangements are not deliverable because of road conditions. Some not deliverable because businesses are closed.

"Some people have opted to come in and pick up their flowers," says Wendy Grady from Roxie's. "And some have said it's okay for us to deliver on Saturday. Others have canceled because they absolutely want a Friday delivery."

Chances are, if you ordered flowers, you heard from the florist already. But maybe not.

At Garner's Florist in Greensboro, owner Tami Garner-Eldrige says they have been trying to get in touch with all their customers. Their hope is they can make the flower delivery right, even if that means turning Valentine's Day into Valentine's Weekend and Monday too. To make the Monday delivery more palatable, they're offering delivery with a extra flowers or a balloon-- a little something extra. If you're still trying to get a hold of your florist, you might ask for those extras too!


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