Something's Fishy With The Salmon Debate

Greensboro, NC--

There are plenty of things out there we can debate over.

Right now, we're focusing on one thing: fish. There's not much debate to whether you should eat salmon. It's full of the omega three's you need for heart and brain health.

But there is a debate about whether eating wild versus farm raised versus imported salmon. And there's debate over whether fish oil pills are even effective.

This USA Today article lists tested and recommended fish oil pills. It's good to know information. But there's one more fish debate: whether you get those omega three's better by eating your fish fresh or frozen.

Geissler Baker from the North Carolina Cooperative Extension settles it right now.

"A lot of people believe that fresh fish is more nutritious than frozen fish or that you get more omega 3's--which is what we're looking at for heart health-- in fresh fish versus frozen. you get the same omega 3's if the fish is frozen or fresh because frozen fish is frozen quickly like flash frozen and so you're going to get the same omega 3's so it doesn't matter whether it's fresh or frozen. So eat fresh or frozen but the big thing is, eat more fish!"

And this goes without saying, but we're gonna say it anyway. Eating the fish fried will *NOT* get you the same benefits as eating the fish grilled or broiled.

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