Sounds Real But Don't Fall For This Scam!

IRS Scammers Targeting Students

GREENSBORO, NC -- Have you heard about the Federal Student Tax?
Neither has the IRS -- because it doesn't exist.
But scammers are betting some students will fall for it and fork over the little they have to spend while away at school.

“A college student is going to be away from home. So, they might not have mom and dad or an adult who has unfortunately experienced some of these things before to help them make a great decision about not giving up their personal information,” said Tiffany Dodson, an area developer for Liberty Tax Service.

The company is warning parents and students as the new school year begins.

Dodson says several of their accountants have gotten calls from parents saying their children actually received the calls from scammers.
The scammer tells the teenager, they owe the federal student tax.
Again, there’s no such thing.

Even the IRS has warned about the scam in the past.
But the callers are aggressive and demand payment right away.
They might even threaten the student. 
Dodson says this story really hit home when she got an IRS scam call, not at work but at her home.

“I called my daughters to the answering machine, I played the message for them, their eyes were a little wide,”” Dodson recalled. “I explained to them that if I'm not home and they receive a call of this nature, please just hang up the phone.”

And that's the best advice to give any teenager or student in your family.
Make a point to talk to all students whether they are away in college or might be home alone after school.

Just hang up.

You can report the would-be scammers’ phone number to the state attorney general. 



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