Sugar & Kids: Not A Good Mix. Really?!?!

New Sugar Guidelines For Kids

Sugar and kids. The American Heart association says not a good mix. We've all seen a kid on a sugar rush and know the issues, but we're talking major health issues for kids. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.that's why the organization got involved.

AHA released its first ever guidelines for how much added sugar children should consume.for kids ages two to 18 -- no more than six teaspoons per day. That's about 100 calories.

Sugary beverages should be limited to one per week and kids younger than two should have no added sugar at all. 

Doctors say to stick with natural sugars like those found in milk, fruits and vegetables. By 2018, nutrition labels will help you sniff out the extra sugar put into foods you wouldn't think about having sweeteners in them. Added sugar will have its own line so you can see exactly how much is in every product.


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