Summer Tech 2 Go: Bluetooth Speakers, GoPro & A Hiker's Friend

GREENSBORO, NC -- Its time to see how technology fits into summer fun times. 2WTK asked Best Buy to bring a few gadgets on the go for this summer.

Chris Neyenhouse brought three items: wireless speaker with an easy hook up to your phone, a blue tooth earpiece with an on-the-go charger you can take with you hiking, camping or biking, and a GoPro camera to catch all the summer fun.

The Modal Portable Bluetooth speaker is $50 and is wireless. But you will need to charge it with a USB. Use your phone to feed the speaker music (just go into your settings to hook up the two). The sound from the speaker is pretty good and it's an easy to turn off, just flip the speaker over!

The Bluetooth earpiece has it's own charger. You can listen to music with no wires hooked to your phone and because it has an on-the-go charger, you can be sure you get another day of use out of it.

The GoPro Camera is $199.00 and has wireless control. You can see all the video from an app on your phone. It makes knowing what video you're getting easy. Put the go anywhere camera on the handlebars of the bike, the hat of the someone hiking, even underwater!

Check out the GoPro site for some really cool videos.


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