Tax Dollar Waste? 2WTK Takes Your Views To Washington

GREENSBORO, N.C. - It's time to use some common sense to save your dollars and cents. Tuesday 2 Wants To Know told you about the Pentagon's plans to destroy over one billion dollars in excess ammunition. We're talking everything from missiles to gun bullets. Pentagon sources tell USA Today some of the ammunition could still be usable, but the government is still planning to destroy it all. We took to the streets so taxpayers could share their Common Sense solutions to having excess ammo. And we asked you the same question on social media. Boy did you speak out – over 160 responses on Facebook. Jezzer Overby typed: "can I get my TAX MONEY BACK THAT PAID FOR THAT?!?!?!?!?" And Jerry Fowler wrote: "Is News 2 just wanting to stir debate or do you plan to push for answers?"

Jerry, 2 Wants To Know's glad you asked. We are pushing for answers. And 2 Wants To Know won't stop until someone in government responds to the will of the viewers. Through Facebook taxpayers are clear. You don't want the pentagon to destroy the billion dollars of excess ammo. Since the Pentagon isn't responding to our multiple interview requests, 2 Wants To Know spent the day contacting the military's bosses - senators on the armed services committee. 2 Wants To Know contacted all 26 of the senators' offices. Again each elected leader is on the Armed Services Committee. So 2 Wants To Know asked what they plan to do to stop the destruction of excess ammo. We even e-mailed them over copies of your comments from Facebook.

We know these senators are busy people. It can take a while to get a response. But while we wait, there's something you can do at home to help protect your tax dollars. If you don't want the Pentagon to destroy over 1 billion dollars of excess ammo - send us your selfie encouraging Washington to have some common sense. Hold up a piece of paper with #CommonSense on it. Either typed or hand written. Take your common sense picture. Then send it to 2 Wants to Know.
Either tweet it using #CommonSense Instagram tagging wfmy2 Or e-mail myphotos@

We'll make sure law makers see your face so they know taxpayers are looking at Washington and expect some accountability.


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