The "Other" Stuff Taking Up Space On Your Phone

GREENSBORO, NC -- No matter what kind of phone you have, it seems many of us have the same problem: not enough space.

Pictures and video take up a lot space on most of our phones. But. most of us don't want to be without them. So you look for other places to trim and that's when 2WTK saw something that had us calling the tech experts..

Check out the screen shot. At the bottom you see by color code how much space music, photos and apps take up. At the right is a yellow line that says "other".

Other? what makes up other? Kent Meeker from Techscout says, "a bunch of stuff."

When you play a game and you can buy coins or houses or whatever, that's "other". And so are your text messages.

"Texts take up a lot of room and a lot of people forget and keep sending pictures and messages and it gets bigger and bigger and before you know it, it's taken over the phone and you can't load anything else."

Yes, delete all those old texts, clear them out! Think of all those text messages and pictures people sent you of what they were eating. You don't need that. Delete it.

Kent also says most of us don't use half the apps we have on our phones. Just because they were free doesn't mean we should keep them.


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