The Secrets You're Giving Away About Your Kids, Family & Yourself

GREENSBORO, NC - 2 Wants To Know how to protect our kids, our families, and ourselves better. Dan Wemyss, the crime prevention coordinator for the Kernersville Police says the biggest safety mistakes most of us make is "Giving too much information out about yourself, whether it's online, or in the real world."

There are many things that we don't think are safety mistakes, but they are, like car stickers.

"These are cute, but it tells everyone where your kid is, and what car drops them off, maybe helps give someone with bad intentions more information than they need," explained Wemyss.

Another example would be the personalized lunch bag or book bag Dan Wemyss explained.

"This is one you've heard before, and yet people still put their kids names on the outside of bags so complete strangers can have a way to be familiar with them." Put it on the inside if you're worried it will get mixed up with someone else's bag.

Those are a few safety issues in the real world, but what about social media?

Check out the selfie. What is wrong with this, safety wise?

"You can tell where she is. So many of our selfies show where we are, where our kids are, and it usually has the text going along with it like, this is our favorite place or our regular spot," said Wemyss. A lot of people have their fitbit or other device hooked up to facebook, with their running route or biking route, and Weymss has a problem with this as well,

"This tells people exactly where you were, and if they look at your history they can figure out when you're going to probably run there again. It's just never a good idea to tell everyone where you are."

Lastly, date night with the spouse is worth tweeting about, but according to Wemyss,

"It usually means the kids are home alone, or with the sitter, etc. or the house is empty. Post the picture afterwards."


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