This HVAC Contractor Is Accused Of Working Without A License

GREENSBORO, NC -- 2 Wants To Know has a good reason for starting this story with a picture of this man's face. You need time to look at it carefully.

Daniel Coltrane does HVAC work under several company names. It's work the state licensing board says he shouldn't be doing. Police, homeowners and the state licensing board all have complaints against him. So 2 Wants To Know's Lechelle Yates tracked Daniel Coltrane down to try to get answers.

At a house in Greensboro, we found meet Daniel Coltrane as he's about to break the law and Coltrane's upset. "Take the ***** camera out of my face man."

Two Wants to Know tells Coltrane we want to talk to him about doing HVAC work without a license. Coltrane says, "My company holds a license."

But that's not true. 2 Wants To Know checked state records. Coltrane's company – Indoor Air Servicing Corporation – no record found. None for Daniel Coltrane either.

When we tell Coltrane that, he walks out the door. We follow him, asking him to stay until we can get to the bottom of issue with the licensing board. Coltrane says, "Don't chase me out of the house with the camera. I already told you to get the camera out of my face. I don't want no shanghia **** job on me."

We get the executive director of the state HVAC licensing board on the phone. Coltrane asks, "Will you explain to this reporter that you don't have to have a license to do repairs? You only have to have a license to change equipment?"

Executive Director Dale Dawson with the North Carolina HVAC licensing board says, "No. That's not true."

By law, Coltrane is *only* allowed to do minor HVAC repair without a license. Coltrane says, "The original guy that installed the unit did not , left off a two foot section of exhaust pipe, the flue pipe. I was just going to put that on."

Dawson says, "I would say that's not excluded, that's not included in minor repair." The executive director tells Coltrane the work he planned to do is *not* a minor repair. Coltrane is not allowed to do it.

You'd think a phone call like that would stop him from doing more work he needs a license for. But a month and a half later, we met April Bethel. She originally saw Coltrane in a different light. April says, "His kindness, his persona is what reels you in and makes you comfortable."

April signed a contract to install a brand new AC unit, something Coltrane and his company are not licensed to do. That was news to April. "It was like someone hit me in my stomach."

On the day April says Coltrane promised to do the install, we were there to ask him questions. But we waited for more than an hour and 15 minutes, and still no sign of Daniel Coltrane. April says, ""He talked a good game, but I don't think he's going to show."

When we followed up with Daniel, he said he never planned to do the work himself. He said a subcontractor was doing the work but he wouldn't give us their name so we could verify their license. And oh yeah - one more thing. "Daniel. Daniel. I still need to talk to you about one of your indictments."

That indictment stems from charges that Coltrane sold a 23 year old furnace as brand new. Also, he faces indictments for ID theft and obtaining property by false pretense. For the record, he's spent time in prison for felony robbery and forgery convictions. Let's chat

The state HVAC licensing board has filed suit against Coltrane for working without a license. The board is also trying to make sure that if Coltrane is caught again, he could spend time in jail. If Coltrane has done work for you and you have questions, contact the HVAC board and the police.

Besides checking to make sure your HVAC company has a license, you can also check to see if they've obtained a city permit to install your air conditioner or furnace. In this case, neither Coltrane nor a subcontactor ever pulled one for April's house.

Find out more about checking on permits in your county.


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