This Product Could Help You Get Your Stolen Stuff Back

KERNERSVILLE, NC -- Police say every year they recover stolen property they can't return to its owner, so the items ends up being sold at auction or destroyed. But a new product called CopDots says it's an easier to way to mark and record your property than old-fashioned etching.

CopDots comes in a pen-like applicator. It works like a highlighter. And applies a virtually invisible glue. The glue contains microdots with a number that is unique to your pen. You can mark up to 50 items - everything from landscaping equipment to auto parts, jewelry and computers.

CopDots says you should mark the item in a couple of different places, places where it won't get rubbed off. So like underneath your phone case and inside the battery cover.

Next you go online to the CopDots database and register your ID number. List each item you mark - including the serial number - and describe it, like blue Bosch drill.

But there's also a hidden benefit of a hidden identifier. Kernersville police officer Dan Wemyss says, "Now you don't have to worry about criminals being able to remove those markings if they don't know about them."

Officer Wemyss also says we should not be lazy about helping the police connect our stuff back to us. "We have lots and lots of property that it's recovered every year that we can't return and instead ends up being sold at auction or destroyed because were not able to locate who the property was stolen from."

If your stolen item is recovered, officers use a special tool to read the microdots. Kernersville police have the readers but haven't used them yet.

You can buy CopDots at Lowes or online at


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