Three Things To Know Before You Mow

KERNERSVILLE, NC -- There is a good chance this is the weekend you finally break out the lawn mower.

There's an even better chance you haven't changed the oil or the blade in your mower in a while, if ever.

Experts recommend you do both once a year. We asked Lowe's Home Improvement to give you a few tricks of the trade.

"Most push mowers have a valve here on the side that you unscrew. The easiest way to get the oil out of your mower is to use a siphon pump," explains Tim Stovall the assistant manager of the Kernersville store.

"One of the issues I see in the spring is gummed up carburetors which comes from old or unused gasoline being used for the 1st time or the season. " The best way to combat that is to extract the old gas out of your mower and treat the gas with a fuel stabilizer. Use 1 ounce for every two gallons of gas.

"Once you put it in your mower, the best thing to do is let it run for five minutes before using it to allow that gas to to circulate through out the mower."

"To ensure you get the best cut for your lawn this season, start off with a new set of blades. The best way to remove the blades is to use a blade removal tool." The tool is used to clamp on to the side of your mower deck. It will stabilize your blade to allow you to take it off with a socket set. "New blades ensure the health of your lawn by giving you a smooth clean cut.."

Want to learn more for free? The Kernersville Lowe's Home Improvement and the Kernersville Community Appearance Commission are teaming up to bring you free classes this Saturday. From nine to one learn law mower maintenance, planting in containers and watch demonstrations on how to prepare and paint your rooms with different finishes.The classes are 20-30 minutes long and rotate throughout the morning.


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