Today's Honey-Do List: Gutters, Cracks & Fireplace Maintenance

GREENSBORO, NC -- Get ready for another honey-do list! Tom Garcia from Southern Evergreen says there are three things all homeowners need to do BEFORE the summer is gone and the busyness of fall begins: gutters, cracks and fireplace maintenance.

Gutters. If you routinely have a problem with trees dropping leaves into your gutters in the fall, now is the perfect time to add gutter capping to your gutters. Gutter caps allow the water to flow but keep the leaves and debris out. There are many types on the market and all are easy to install.

Caulking Cracks & Crevices. Come Winter, the cracks and crevices in concrete driveways and walkways can cause serious damage. When water gets into the crack it can expand in freezing weather and cause an even larger crack Then, even more water gets into the now larger crack and freezes and causes and even bigger crack and vicious cycle is started. Before you know it, that little crack is now a full blown structural issue that is not so easily fixed.

Fireplace Maintenance. A fireplace is like any other appliance in a home and requires periodic maintenance to prevent problems. Don't wait until you want to use it to have it checked. All fireplaces, whether gas or wood need to have occasional maintenance to keep them operating properly. Have a qualified technician check and clean your system so it is running at peak efficiency. Expect to pay about $125. Essentially, all the parts of the fireplace are removed, cleaned, re-installed and then tested for function.

Before using your fireplace unit for the first time, you want to change the battery on your CO monitor and if you don't have one, install one. Check out the info picture on this page from the National Fire Protection Association's website.


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