Triad Contractors Help Homeowners Who Lost Thousands

Contractors Help Homeowner Who Lost Thousands

BURLINGTON, NC -- Three homeowners featured in a recent 2 Wants 2 Know story about a contractor who didn’t finish the job they hired him to do, are now moving forward.

For one of the homeowners, Suzette Reva, it’s thanks to two contractors and their employees who stepped up to finish the job at no cost.

Reva paid Joe Overman of Midstate Quality Home Improvements $7,000  back in January to renovate a closet and build a deck.

She says, after Overman started the job, she spent months trying to get him to return to finish it.

In June, she finally decided she didn't want him near her house because she didn't trust him, she said. 

When WFMY News 2’s Faith  Abubey caught up with the contractor in August, he had a list of reasons why he didn't finish Reva’s job and others 2WTK was looking into.

He admitted he took the contracts and the money but said he wasn’t healthy enough or didn’t have funds to continue the work.

Johnny Raines of Johnny’s Deck and Vinyl Replacement Windows and John Vernon of Piedmont Property Solutions saw the stories and both reached out to help.

“It’s about helping people. Letting people know that there are actually some honest contractors out there,” Vernon said.

It’s now easy for Reva to see that.

“I figured I would come down here and fix the deck for the lady; make it right the way it should be,” Raines added.

The homeowner couldn’t hold back her tears.

“I just didn't expect this,” Reva said with her voice breaking.

The 3-hour job included fixing a gap between Reva’s home and the original deck, installing part of the handrail that had been left unfinished and connecting her stairs to the deck so it wouldn't shake.

“There were a lot of safety hazards, a whole lot,” he said. “If she had actually stepped on the deck board close to the home, her leg would've went down between the deck in the middle so she would've been wedged between her home and her deck.”

Inside, Vernon and his team worked to fix the closet.

“You could see outside through the vinyl,” he said. 

Vernon’s team put in some insulation, sheet rock and did trim work in the closet to complete the job.

"I did not expect you to be calling me and saying that people are actually going to help me […] I'm just so blessed and so happy,” Reva said.

For the contractors, the smile on Reva's face meant  their hard work was worth it. 

"People nowadays don't have a lot of money to throw away and I know that she spent quite a bit of money to get this deck built and to have this done to her, It bothered me," Raines added.

As for Lois Shipman, the other homeowner we featured, volunteers wanted to fix her roof, too. 

But when we called, Shipman said Overman dropped off some shingles and they called it even.
Another contractor quoted her a reasonable price and fixed it for her.
Overman's childhood friend, Charles Whitman, also got a visit.
Whitman says the same day our story aired, the contractor came by and gave him a thousand dollars and said he'd work to pay off the other half. That was in August. Whitman says he hasn't heard from Overman since.

As we reported earlier, the state attorney general's office has Overman on their radar.
They say they now have three formal complaints against him.
They are waiting for him to respond to their inquiries.

If you have a claim about a contractor who didn't honor an agreement, make sure you report it to the state.
1-877-5-NO-SCAM (1-877-566-7226) or (919) 716-6000

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