Two Wants You To Know Windshield Scraping Solutions

GREENSBORO, NC -- It's going to happen - you are going to have to leave the house at some point - and you will have to clear the snow off your car. The hardest and most time consuming part - scraping the windshield. The solution - a towel.

Before the snow started, we put a towel on my back window. You can use a blanket.too. And we weighed it it down with a bunch of rocks. We can attest - it will significantly reduce your amount of scraping.

But what about right now? The snow has already started falling. Again we can attest - scrape off the snow that's already fallen, drying off the windshield a bit and put your towel down.You can use the windshield wipers to hold it in place.

if you don't want to go outside to do that right now... you can make home made windshield de-icer. Use a bottle of rubbing alcohol, add a few drops of dish soap and put it in a spray bottle. Use it to get the stubborn ice off your windshield.


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