Vendors Fundraise For Clinton Campaign

Vendors Fund-raise For Clinton Campaign

Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton campaigned in Greensboro Thursday.

Her message will go on long after the TV run for this stop is done due to all the t-shirts, buttons, and stickers bought at the rally.

Thousands of people were in line hoping to get a spot inside the rally and the whole time they waited, you saw vendors walking up and down the sidewalk trying to sell their t-shirts and buttons.

WFMY News 2’s Patrick Wright saw three different vendors out Thursday. None of them were from North Carolina.

Turns out, they travel the country following Hillary Clinton to every one of her stops. One of the vendors WFMY talked to said he's from Kansas City and he's been to almost every one of the 50 states.

They all make it clear that they're Hillary Clinton supporters. But they take it a step further. They donate some of the money they make to her campaign. They wouldn't say exactly how much though. But the t-shirts and hats you buy come back around to help the candidate.

And this doesn't just happen at Clinton rallies, we've seen these vendors at Trump rallies as well. Some of these vendors are local though.

WFMY talked to a man from Asheville. He said he goes to every rally in the state. The difference is his proceeds don't go to Clinton. He sends them to the Roy Cooper for Governor and Deborah Ross campaigns. He says to him – it’s all about supporting North Carolina races. 

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