Wait, Don't Spring Clean Everything! What Garden Items To Keep & Trash

GREENSBORO, NC -- It's the first day of Spring! The next few days are supposed to be nice and chances are you may start the lawnmower for the first time this year. Then comes the planting and sprucing up.

When you start taking inventory of what you have left over from last year, there are some items you can use and others you simply need to trash.

Andy Patillo, the Lawn&Garden Department manager at the Lowes Home Improvement Store on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro is our expert.

"Use any old soil in planters and reuse the old soil to put over new patch work or parts of lawns that need to have grass grown there. Everyone has that one or two areas where sometimes grass never grows so that way you can plant your grass seed and just rake over the area with the old soil versus putting wheat straw over it for protection."

Patillo says, don't just re-use those old planters. "Wash those old planters out with any house hold dish washing detergent and put in new soil." Disease and fungus can grow and kill the new plant. When it comes to plants, Patillo says Pansy season is usually ending and you can use Snapdragons, Dianthus, Petunias, or Gerber Daisy's to take the place of the old and worn out or frost bitten Pansy's.

Either plant grass seed or deal with weeds. You can't do both RIGHT now. Patillo says he sees many homeowners make the mistake of trying to do both.

The crab grass preventive (Scotts Halts or Lowes Sta-Green brand) kills seeds of weeds before they germinate.It will also kill seed if you put it out too soon. Patillo says if you want to kill weeds now then wait until the Fall to seed and the same goes if you do it the opposite way.

"If they plan to reseed or over seed their lawn no crab grass preventive can be used during this time or weed and feed." They can prepare the soil with pelleted lime to get the pH up in the soil so that the grass seed they sow in a few weeks when spring hits will have a better root system ( the higher the pH the better roots)." Then air-rate their lawns to break up the existing soil so that the seeds and lime and starter fertilizer can get down into the soil. Versus just throwing out some seed on the surface and hoping it grows."


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