Weak Cell Reception At Home? Try This...

Give Your Cell Phone Signal A Boost

When I'm near the 2WTK, I'm lucky if I get one bar. Reception is weak. The closer to the backdoor I get, the better reception is. And when I'm in the middle of the newsroom, I get 3 bars, so decent reception.
But it's frustrating, right? One building and different signal strengths.

USA TODAY and Kim Komando have a solution: a femtocell. A femtocell is a small mobile phone base station connected to the phone network via the internet. I have one at home through AT&T, they call it a Microcell. Verizon calls theirs a a Network Extender.

Call you provider and nicely explain you are not getting the service you are paying for-- due to the weak signal.
Carriers have been known to give customers these femtocells for free. You can also buy femtocells online, they range from $50 to $250 bucks

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