What Happens When You Abandon Your Car And It Gets Towed

GREENSBORO, NC -- Two Wants to Know has been talking to anyone and everyone who has the right to tow your car if you abandon it.

The various police departments and Highway Patrol are all saying the same thing. They are leaving stranded cars alone - unless they're blocking traffic or getting in the way of the snow plows. If they're in the way - your car will be towed - and no - they don't have to tell you first.

Which leads us to this next question and answer: How do you find your car? Here are the phone numbers:

In Winston-Salem, you need to call 773-7700.
In Greensboro, call 373-2433 or 2287.

If you abandoned your car along the highway - outside the city limits - call 919-733-3861.

And the police say they don't have a Magic 8 ball. You need to be able to give the police the location of where you had to leave your car and either your VIN number or tag number. The description is not enough - just think of how many white or black Hondas are out there!


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